A Brooklyn Street Festival!

Now, this is a Brooklyn Street Festival!

Chef David Ruggerio takes you behind the scenes at the legendary Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to watch the dance of the “Giglio.” Tthe residents of the community look forward to the annual Giglio Feast, held every July. Since 1903, when the Nolani immigrants first held their transplanted feast in this Brooklyn neighborhood, this festa has attempted to maintain many of the traditions from the Mezzogiorno, while adjusting to the new culture in America and accommodating the pressure to change.You won’t believe your eyes as over a hundred men lift the four-ton structure, which soars nearly six stories into the air and dance it around the streets, all while and entire band sit atop the structure. Pay close attention, you’ll see David as one of its carriers.

The Dance of the Giglio