A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men & Monsters Now An Audio Book!

David Ruggerio’s new novel, A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters, is now an audio book! His new audio horror novel is the perfect companion during a long drive, while cooking, or simply at bedtime. Have fun being scarred by this new classic. The audio version of his new novel is available at iTunes, Amazon and Audible. Here what other people are saying–

PenCraft Award 2019 Winner – Horror

Maxy Award 2019 Winner- Horror

“A sinister but not-too-scary slice of Halloween horror fiction featuring a hearty bunch of heroes.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Harkens back to old school horror… with little of the slash and gore action.” –San Francisco Book Review

“Calling to mind the idyllic yet horrific New England of Stephen King’s books, the setting of this book is just as pivotal to its suspense and grip as any of its scariest monsters.” –US Review of Books

“…a cross between a modern dark fairy tale and a recounting of an urban legend. I loved it.” The Wytching Hour Blog

“…with Stephen King’s gritty, working-class psychological realism.” -IndieReader

“An unsettling, spooky, flat-out scary read that transports you into a nightmare of a shadowy underworld replete with evil monsters and blood-drinking ghouls.” –Authors Reading