Best Horror Novel of 2019!

Best Horror Novel of 2019! David Ruggerio’s upcoming horror novel, A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters has just been awarded the best horror noel of 2019 by the Maxy Awards. The book will be hitting the stores on Halloween! I will be giving you the dates of my appearance. Reviews have been pouring in; 

“A wonderful ode to the mysteries, fears, and delights of the things that haunt the night. Replete with tinges of Supernatural and Stranger Things, it brings to mind what you might get if director Tim Burton wrote horror novels! This is one story sure to keep you up far into the night!” — J. Aislynn d’Merricksson, Manhattan Book Review

“Author, David Ruggerio, merges Mary Shelley and Stephen King in A Wistful Tale of God’s Men and Monsters. Suspense laced with vibrant prose, this novel will have you turning the pages and wondering what evil awaits you.” –C. L. Paur, author – Stories and Waves.

This book was a cross between a modern dark fairy tale and a recounting of an urban legend. I loved it. I loved the style it was written by an unseen narrator in an old-fashioned style but in the modern-day.It was the perfect book for the Halloween season with the account of William and his friend, Lilly delving into the mystery of Brunswick but this is no children’s tale. There are some adult characters who also start to figure out not is all as it seems in their little town. As Halloween approaches so does the horror. The Wytching Hour Blog