David Ruggerio Novel Summertime Reading Challenge

Romance Novel
David Ruggerio Novel Summertime Reading Challenge

With COVID turning our lives upside down, David Ruggerio new novel will become part of your Summertime Reading Challenge. Say Goodbye and Goodnight, is the perfect summertime read. Based in Brooklyn during the year of 1977, this story will take you back to the beginning of disco, and a summer of loving.

This is the love story to end all love story’s! 1977, the most tumultuous year in New York City’s history. In a place called Bensonhurst, a young Italian-American fighter named Anthony Marino meets his love in Romeo and Juliet disco on 86th Street. Gia steals his heart away, and through tremendous trials and tribulations, their love survives. A modern, Shakespearean tale that pulls on every heart string we possess. I promise you the ending of this novel will shock you all!

This is what the reviewers are saying: about David Ruggerio Novel Summertime Reading Challenge:

Say Goodbye and Goodnight should most definitely get your motor running when it comes to a memorable, brash, romantic, intelligent, and very “cool” book that will easily garner rave reviews from anyone who takes the time to sit, read, and enjoy! –Feather Quill

“A well-written, unexpected, and unconventional love story that exposes the culture and dangers oflife in an Italian community of Brooklyn in 1977.”- Sublime Book Review

Readers of romance, suspense, and murder mystery will enjoy this book, as will those who enjoy a more historically based type of fiction. US Review

Literary in its concept and narrative style, this is a modern-day retelling of a classic Shakespearean tale of love enduring all forms of tragedy- Readers Favorite

This story will be enjoyed by romantics as well as readers who like a good story including a likable Italian boxer.-Manhattan Book Review