David Ruggerio’s A Prison Without Locks.

Check out the official press release for David Ruggerio’s new horror novel, A Prison Without Locks. This scary novel is due out on November 25th, and is available for pre-order at Amazon.com

Award-Winning Celebrity Chef Launches his Second Horror Novel

David Ruggerio’s “A Prison Without Locks” Promises Horror Fiction Fans Many Sleepless Night

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Los Angeles, California — Award-winning author and celebrity chef David Ruggerio releases his new novel, “A Prison Without Locks,” this November 25, 2020. His second foray into horror genre takes the genre fans of all ages onto a rollercoaster of bone-chilling events in which they will recognize their deepest fears. Ruggerio promises his fans many a sleepless night.

A Prison Without Locks” is set in a seemingly idyllic town that rests at the foot of the Catskills Mountains (of Sleepy Hollow fame) surrounded by Witch’s Hole State Forest. Something is happening to its residents, and strange, sinister occurrences have people on edge.

In the night, the dead are reborn under the watchful eye of the mysterious Doctor Roger Pretorius and his equally disturbing “rescued dwarf” and sidekick, Henry Howard Holmes. Pretorius lives in the old and presumably haunted mansion with a foreboding epithet proclaiming it as “a prison without locks.” Pretorius’s dark past reaches the town and endangers everyone. On the cusp of Halloween, a brutal winter storm ushers in these new dangers, threatening to trap the town’s residents. In an ultimate showdown, Father Shea Calhoun and Sister Beatrice work together with others to face the rising evil and try to stop it.

A Prison Without Locks” is a captivating and scary read with an easy to follow plot filled with vivid and cinematic moments. Ruggerio excels at creating a spooky ambiance, characters and interesting malevolent creatures subject to macabre and demonic possession to illustrate the perpetual battle between good and evil.

According to US Review of Books, “Any horror novel fan will appreciate Ruggerio’s endeavor with this newest entry in the genre.”

“A Prison Without Locks” is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

A Prison Without Locks

By David Ruggerio

ISBN: 9781684336203

About David Ruggerio:

Known worldwide as a celebrity chef, David Ruggerio’s life story is one of redemption, sacrifice, and a new lease on life as an award-winning genre fiction writer. Ruggerio rose to the position of top chef at the famous La Caravelle in New York by age 25. He went on to take command of Pierre Cardin’s New York outpost of Maxim’s de Paris, where he garnered three stars from The New York Times. In 1995, Robert Mondavi, the noted vintner, named him one of the thirteen best young chefs in America. With two acclaimed cookbooks under his belt, David Ruggerio became known as a “Super Chef” and was called for television guest spots that quickly became opportunities. He hosted the iconic TV shows Ruggerio to Go on the Food Network, and Little Italy with David Ruggerio on PBS. Throughout his outstanding career as a chef, Ruggerio cooked for five US Presidents.

Today, Ruggerio lives on the East Coast and spends his days writing mostly genre fiction. He is an Amazon bestselling author and the recipient of the Pencraft and Maxy Awards for Best Horror 2019 and Best Horror 2020 by American Book Fest for his debut horror novel, A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters. Find out more on his website, DavidRuggerio.com.