New Romance Novel Now For Pre-Order on Amazon

David Ruggerio’s upcoming romance novel, “Say Goodbye and Goodnight,” is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The book will be delivered on June 11th, 2020.

Sublime Book Reviews just released it’s review of the novel- Say Goodbye and Goodnight is the story of Anthony ‘Ant’ Marino, a teenager in Brooklyn in 1977. He lives in a
tightly knit Italian community, complete with the renowned home cooking of the mothers, the hardworking
fathers, the influence of the ‘made’ members of the neighborhood, and the culture of the 1970s. Ant is an up-andcoming fighter who experiences a once-in-a-lifetime love when he meets Gia, the daughter of a well-connected
This novel was submitted as a romance, but it is far from being a conventional romance novel or love story. It lays
bare a family dynamic and a culture that few of us have the opportunity to witness. The author creates believable
and intricate characters (my personal favorite is Izzy) to support Anthony and Gia as they navigate the rough
waters of family expectations, troubled friendships, and the looming dangers of gang influence. Throughout the
story, memories of the disco era made me smile. Ruggerio wrapped it up with an ending befitting the
unexpectedness of this love story.
Sublime Line: “A well-written, unexpected, and unconventional love story that exposes the culture and dangers of
life in an Italian community of Brooklyn in 1977.”