Ruggerio’s New Cookbook at LA Bookfest!

David Ruggerio’s new Italian American cookbook, A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn, premiers at The Bookfest this coming weekend. Known worldwide as a celebrity chef, David Ruggerio’s life-story is one of redemption, sacrifice, and a new lease on life as an award-winning genre fiction writer.
With two acclaimed cookbooks under his belt, David Ruggerio became known as a “Super Chef” and was called for television guest spots that quickly became opportunities. Now, Ruggerio returns to his Italian roots with “A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn”. Ruggerio takes readers back to Brooklyn and introduces them to the Italian American experience and cuisine he knows, grew up with, and adores.
Thank you David Ruggerio for joining us at The BookFest Fall 2021. For more information, please visit